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E Type 40x20 Auto Reset

E Type 40x20 Auto Reset
E Type 40x20 Auto Reset
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40" h x 19.5" w E Type torso target mounted to the heavy duty Auto Reset base assembly.

When hit the target will lean back and then spring return to the vertical shooting position.  Due to the large size and weight of the E Type, smaller calibers will only move the target slightly. The resetting steel targets are made from 3/8" AR500 hardened steel for extreme long life and excellent impact resistance.  (1/2" AR500 targets are NOT available for use with the Auto Reset base.)

The military shooting targets can be used with all handgun and most rifle calibers. Minimum range is 15 yds for handgun and 100 yds for rifle use. Maximum velocity at impact is 3000 ft/sec

The target is bolted to the base using Grade 8 hardened bolts and locknuts. Stabilizer legs slide into sockets on the base of the stand and can be adjusted for uneven surfaces.  All hardware is included to mount the target to the stand.

Overall size: 23 w x 34 dp x 46 h

Shipping weight: 110 lbs

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