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The Bird/Can thrower is an exciting test of the shooter's shotgun skills. When the main target is hit, it falls back onto the launch arm which throws the secondary target into the air for the second shot. This steel popper target system is recommended to be used with shotgun shooting only.The Bi..
Center fire pistol and rifle 6" Circles flip side to side when hit AR500 Armored Post Option availableThe Steel Dueling Tree AR500 is one of the most fun and challenging targets available. The 6" circles flip from side to side when hit.  Two shooters at a time can compete to flip..
Paper Target HolderUse with your own 1 x 2 wood strips to mount your paper targets. Supports wood strips at 18" width for standard paper targets or backers.The stand is stackable for easy storage.Overall size: 24 x 20Shipping weight: 7 lbs..
Steel Challenge Base/Cap KitThe steel challenge base supports 2 x 4 lumber supplied by the user. Mount the cap on the top of the 2x4 to complete the target stand.These target parts can be used with any of the other Steel Challenge targets or bases.Shipping weight: 24 lbs...
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The Texas Star target features five 8" diameter, 3/8" thick AR500 steel targets mounted on the rotating arms of the wheel. The arms are also made from AR500 steel for those shots that are a little off target.Shoot one of the targets off the arm and the wheel starts rotating. Try to keep up with th..
40" h x 19.5" w E Type torso target mounted to the heavy duty stand assembly.The stand can be assembled without tools for ease of setup and transport. Stabilizer legs slide into sockets on the base of the stand and can be adjusted for uneven surfaces.The tactical target is made from 3/8" thick A..
The Full Size Pepper Popper is 42" overall target height with a 12" diameter circular target area. The target is mounted to a manual reset base.  When hit the falling target will fall backward and must be manually reset for the next shot. The movement and ringing when hit gives the shooter both..
The Full Pepper Popper is 42" overall target height with a 12" diameter circular target area. The target is mounted to an auto reset base. When hit the auto reset target will fall backward approximately 30 degrees and spring back to the upright position ready for the next shot. No need to go down ra..
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The IDPA Full size target is mounted to the 5 ft Stand assembly. Static target size 30" x 20".The target base is 23" wide and includes two 34" long adjustable legs for side stability. These legs can be adjusted as needed for ground conditions and remove easily for transport.This steel shooting&n..
The Center Fire Plate Rack features six 8" diameter AR500 Steel Targets, 3/8" thick mounted to a common frame. AR500 steel absorbs bullet impact without damage. The plate rack targets are bolted to the pivot mechanism eliminating any welding on the AR500 steel. The front deflector is angled downward..
The gong frame is easily assembled by sliding the legs into the sockets on the end plates, then sliding the leg/plate assemblies onto the 1" diameter support shaft. No tools are required for this gong target stand. The legs can be positioned to provide a stable unit on uneven ground. The metal s..
Swinger Frame 10" Target (2) 6" Targets Shipping weight 63 lbs Mount the two 6" targets to the double bracket.  Shoot the target and it will start swinging.  Hit it again and it can spin all the way around!The swinger frame is easily assembled by sliding the legs into the so..
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