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Steel Challenge Targets

Steel Challenge targets are used in matches organized under the Steel Challenge Shooting Association.
The "stages" defined by SCSA consist of multiple targets shot in a timed event. Each stage includes 5 target stands, and various combinations of 10" Circles, 12" Circles and 18" x 24" Rectangles. 
Details on the stages are available below.
Stage 1: Speed OptionStage 5: Pendulum
Stage 2: Smoke and HopeStage 6: Outer Limits
Stage 3: ShowdownStage 7: Five to Go
Stage 4: RoundaboutStage 8: Accelerator
All shooting targets are made from 3/8" thick AR500 steel for extreme long life and excellent impact resistance.
Minimum range is 15 yds for handgun and 100 yds for rifle use. Maximum velocity at impact is 3000 ft/sec.
Custom Metal Products is the premier source for pistol shooting and rifle shooting targets
Steel Challenge Base/Cap KitThe steel challenge base supports 2 x 4 lumber supplied by the user. Mount the cap on the top of the 2x4 to complete the target stand.These target parts can be used with any of the other Steel Challenge targets or bases.Shipping weight: 24 lbs...
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